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Puzzle Table

Here is a video of my new puzzle table. It is a four-piece dissection of an equilateral triangle to a square. The two-dimensional solution was first determined in 1902. Some time prior to 1972 someone made a set of four tables hinged together that could be rearranged from one shape to another. There must have been a real forest of legs. To my knowledge this is the first example of this solution applied to a pedestal table where the table top remains centered in both configurations.

This video was made after I repaired a poorly designed, but very expensive, rocking chair a local party purchased from out of state. It seems there are a number of bad custom rockers out there. If you have one, get it fixed or get your money back. There is no reason to pay good money for a misbehaving chair -- unless you happen to like that sort of thing...

In the world of Greene&Greene inspired furniture it is important to be able to make proper proud finger joints. While the technique for making evenly-spaced fingers is commonly known it results in a less-interesting piece of furniture. This video shows my method for making uneven fingers. It is not the only way to do it, just the way I like, for now anyway.